Monday, May 4, 2009

Food: Settled!

We have a winner! I called Honest Kitchen last week to ask for some samples since you have to pay $1 for them online then pay MORE to have them shipped to you. It was three times the cost of product to have it shipped! Bleh. The rep I spoke with was SUPER nice and very helpful.
Today, our samples arrived. I was SO excited! Nola was too! We'd previously tried Preference and Thrive but she didn't like either of them so I was hesitant to spend any money whatsoever until I knew we had something she'd eat.
It's expensive but I think it will be worth it. My plan is to mix Honest Kitchen with Wellness so it's a little less each month, I think it should work. I also don't think the company gave me my 10% off for my first order so I might call and ask if I can have that next time and if they agree then I'll buy the combo pack, 4lbs each of Embark and Force -- to give her a little variety. :)
I'm finally satisfied with her food and no longer feel like she's eating crap. I hate that pet food isn't regulated. I hope that one day it will be... I also hope that there is more education on dog food. Why people still continue to feed certain foods is beyond me. Even a tiny amount of research yields awful things about ingredients. Sigh.
For the record, I'd love to cook for Nola because then I'd know for sure that she's getting the best, but I don't even cook for ME so I'm not even going to kid myself into trying to cook...
Happy snacking! And thanks again for all the comments and emails!!!