Saturday, April 25, 2009

Food Debate

Nola has been eating Nutro Ultra for quite a while now... however recently, Consumer Reports published an article citing that the company was under investigation by the FDA. Two days later, another report was released saying that there was no investigation. Regardless of this, I have heard many negative things about Nutro and am not terribly excited about using their products.

My first choice food, The Honest Kitchen, is difficult to get since no where around here carries it, however, I'm still going to try it. In the meantime, we've tried Natural Balance and Wellness. The Natrual Balance (sweet potato and fish) is okay, but in the four days Nola has eaten it, I've noticed a difference in her stool and I don't think this is the best option for her. We just got Wellness today -- I like that they seem pretty open about their product and the sites where they make and package it.

What do you feed and why? I'm open to suggestions -- thanks!


Allison (Dog Mom) said...

We feed Eagle Pack Holistic Select.

Angela said...

I feed both of mine Innova with Honest Kitchen added. We also follow the supplements suggested by

If you want to feed Honest Kitchen you can order it to your door. The shipping can be a little but if you stock up when they have sales it isn't too bad. I live in such a remote rural area that finding good quality dog food is tough.

Kisses to Nola!

Blessings~ Angela and the aussie flock

GinSpaghetti said...

Thanks ladies... I just got off the phone with The Honest Kitchen! Samples are on the way! We've tried a couple before but my child turned her nose up at them, grr! They're sending two different ones so I'm keeping my fingers crossed she likes it! We're on Wellness til then... THANK YOU for the input!!