Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Honest Kitchen - ZEAL Review

Since Nola was a puppy, I've struggled with what food is the best for her.  As a child, we fed our dogs Purina Dog Chow and Alpo.  I quickly established that she would NEVER eat that.  It's junk really.  I read an amazing book, Food Pets Die For, about the pet food industry.  It was amazing.  I recommend it to everyone who claims to love their pet.  I realize that not everyone can afford the premium foods, but I also feel that we have a responsibility to properly care for our animal companions and part of that responsibility is taking control of what we know is best.  For example, did you know that pet food is unregulated?  Because of that, companies can more or less put whatever they want to in that food.  It's disgusting what actually goes into some foods.  Ground up feathers, beaks, nails... and people feed that to their 'best friends' every single day.  I'm sorry, but no.  That is not okay.  It's not for me or ANY of my animals.

After doing some research, I found The Honest Kitchen.  <Cue the angels singing.>  I'm not kidding.  I was SO excited!  They are a small company that grew their business out of the love they have for their animals and the need for good, nutritious pet food.  The best part?  They really are honest.  I've fallen for them.  You can read about when we discovered them here.  

Nola has been eating Force and I alternate with Wellness dry kibble to keep it interesting.  Recently, The Honest Kitchen sent us a box of Zeal to try.  They posted on Facebook asking for reviews and we jumped at the opportunity.  When the box arrived, WHOA.  It was huge!  I don't even order Force in such big boxes.  I was SO excited!!  

Sadly, Nola wasn't as excited.  She turned her nose up the first time I offered it to her.  I decided to try again a few days later.  Same response.  I don't know if it's the fish or something else in this formula, but she never even tasted it.  Instead of keeping at it, I decided to send it to my sister who has five large dogs. She also did the trial/review and her dogs LOVED it.  I'm really disappointed Nola didn't like Zeal.  I was really excited about the new fish formula and thought it would be wonderful for her sensitive skin and sometimes patchy fur spots.  She does okay with fish oil in her food, so I'm not really sure what it was that she didn't care for with the Zeal.  I'm just glad that it was still enjoyed by Sandy, Titan, Roxy, Piper and Sawyer (three of whom are great danes!).

THANK YOU Honest Kitchen for allowing us to review Zeal.  

We LOVE Honest Kitchen and I think that everyone should try it... find them on Facebook and learn about their philosophies.  They are by far the best pet food company that I've found.  
I'm proud to feed THK and hope you will try one of their formulas.  


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